TAMK’s cooperation negotiations ended

TAMK’s cooperation negotiations ended

Tampere University of Applied Sciences' cooperation procedure ended with the final negotiation on 23 November 2015. The cooperation procedure started at the beginning of October because TAMK has to adjust its operations to the decreasing state funding. To balance TAMK's economy the need for financial adjustments in the budget of 2016 is about 3.3 million euros.

The staff effects of the cooperation negotiations are a maximum of 32 person years in 2016, which means a maximum of 55 person years until the end of 2017. As regards teaching staff, the effects are a maximum of four person years. As regards other staff, the effects are a maximum of eight person years. The joint effects also include nine person years of retirements and reduction in use of fixed-term employment worth 11 person years mainly among teaching staff.

- We will apply all alternative measures to reduce the staff effects. Other savings have also been agreed on during the negotiations. The budget of 2016 includes financial adjustments of 1.3 million euros in e.g. service purchases, facility expenses, and IT expenses. We aim at significant and long-term decrease in expenses by cutting costs and changing our ways of action because the state's basic funding cuts seem to continue for several years, President Markku Lahtinen says.

- The adjustments aim at TAMK being a competitive and attractive regional developer also in future. In accordance with our strategy, TAMK focuses on increasing international education sales and R&D&I in selected focus areas. Our other key development themes in the years to come are digitalisation of operation and the Tampere3 cooperation.

The structural development guidelines and objectives for 2017-2020 will be agreed on with the Ministry of Education and Culture in autumn 2016.


Tampere University of Applied Sciences has about 10 000 students in seven fields of education. The number of full-time staff was 717 at the end of 2014, 401 were teaching staff and 316 other staff (R&D&I and support services).

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Published 12.12.2016