TAMK’s annual review 2016 published

TAMK’s annual review 2016 published

How did we manage to implement TAMK's strategy and vision over the past year? Watch a video overview by the President Markku Lahtinen or explore the online annual review presenting a comprehensive view of the year 2016.


The annual review 2016 contains the overviews of TAMK's President as well as the Chairman of the Board, a strategic overview, and a glimpse into the year of the Students' Union Tamko.

You can also read about the Tampere3 process, which aims at building a new higher education community in Tampere. The Statistics section gives a chance to compare results from the past three years. The annual review also compiles the news highlights of 2016 as well as basic information about TAMK.

Online review
Annual Review 2016

Pocket-sized review
If you just want to have a quick look, check out the pocket-sized annual review (pdf)

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Published 30.03.2017