TAMK and Tampere attract young students in Finland

TAMK and Tampere attract young students in Finland

Tampere is the most popular student city among the young in Finland.

The city has four higher education institutions of which Tampere University of Applied Sciences stands out with its education and internationality.

The above-mentioned can be found in the HEI image 2017 survey of Taloustutkimus. The survey established under-30-year-old people's images of Finnish higher education institutions.

TAMK received positive ratings in all ten image statements, which raised TAMK's image to the TOP5 of Finnish universities of applied sciences. TAMK is naturally best-known in the Tampere Region but it is also nationally the second most interesting UAS after Metropolia University of Applied Sciences (Helsinki).

The absolute strengths of TAMK's image are its attractive location, reputation as a good study place, and interesting degree programmes. Conceptions of TAMK's internationality, working life esteem for its degrees, as well as the quality of its education are clearly positive.

The image was realised in the joint application results of the spring. The number of applicants to TAMK was next highest among universities of applied sciences and fourth highest among all higher education institutions in Finland.


Published 05.05.2017