Support for promoting export and internationalisation

Support for promoting export and internationalisation

The training group is comprised of people from 13 nationalities.
The training group is comprised of people from 13 nationalities.

The participants in TAMK's international trade export expert education can offer support services for companies in order to promote export and internationalisation. They have knowledge and experience in geography, culture, market access, improving the business prerequisites, finding retailers, transport, documents and connections to authorities.

So far, Finnish companies have taken relatively little advantage of the cultural competence and language skills of immigrants in their business. In November 2016, a new labour policy education aiming at developing export and business competence started at TAMK; it focuses on updating the students' previous training and work experience. A person who has participated in the training can find a position as an export seller or assistant, for example, or work with support tasks related to export, or with import tasks.

- More than 80 people applied for the training, out of which 15 experts in trade were selected. The training started with a two-month intensive training in the Finnish language. After this, the most important aspects of international export will be dealt with. Starting from May 2017, the students should move to companies for an on-the-job learning period of five months, says Kersti Jääskeläinen, who is responsible for the training.

The training in English is targeted at people with an academic degree.

- If a company has planned taking over new export areas, needs support to manage its current exports or is looking for new people who know the language and culture of a specific market area, our students could be helpful. For example, when investigating new markets, a person familiar with the customs of the target country can help the market open up faster. On-the-job learning can also take place at a company's unit abroad.

The training organiser, TAMK EDU (Centre of extension studies and business services at the TAMK University of Applied Sciences), has several years of experience in updating the professional competence of people with an academic degree. The trainings have emphasised the importance of strengthening the students' own competence and an intentional approach to work. The companies offering cooperation and on-the-job learning placements have been pleased with the no-risk trial period recruitment. After our training, many of our students have continued as personnel reinforcements for companies in order to increase export.

The study module, which is organised as labour policy education, is funded by the The Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centre) in the Tampere Region.

Further information: Kersti Jääskeläinen, TAMK EDU, tel. +358 50 321 5147,


Published 06.03.2017