Student Story - Reka Hajdu-Rahkama

Reka Hajdu-Rahkama

Energy and Environmental Engineering

Home country: Hungary

How did you find out about TAMK and what made you choose it for your studies?

I moved to Finland in 2010 as a fresh International Business candidate. Unfortunately, it was hard to find a job within my field so I was doing cleaning for almost one year. Of course that was not my dream job so I wanted to make a change. At that time, my Finnish language skills were pretty basic, so finding any white collar job was not really an option. So the best choice was to continue my studies and improve my Finnish language skills.

When I was looking for a place to study, two of my criterias were the English teaching and Tampere location. The Tampere University of Technology did not offer any English programmes and there was nothing for my taste at the University of Tampere. Only TAMK had programmes in English which were interesting for me so it was pretty obvious to choose it as my study place.

What did you like most about Tampere and Finland?

There are several things that I like about Tampere and Finland. One of them is the simplicity of things. Here in Finland is pretty easy to quickly organize everything because the authorities are working well together. Another favorite of mine is of course, the pure nature which is close wherever I go. I just love the forests and lakes at any season. The third but not last to mention are the endless opportunities that this country offers.

In what ways have your studies contributed to your professional and personal life?

Besides gaining valuable knowledge, my studies at TAMK also helped me to build an international network and friendships. Comparing to other universities at Tampere, TAMK gives more practical knowledge and I think that is more useful than just the theory on its own.I believe my studies at TAMK and my exchange year at its partner, UAS (Ostfalia – Germany) made me more social, a better team worker and even more international.

How has TAMK supported your needs as a student?

I believe I have gained valuable practical and theoretical knowledge that I can use for my future career. The majority of courses were useful and most of the teachers were good professionals. I also think it was very good and beneficial that I could participate at TAMK´s double degree programme at its partner university, Osfalia UAS in Germany.

What would you say to anyone considering studying at TAMK?

If you want to study in an international environment and gain good practical basic knowledge, choose TAMK. The university also offers good double degree programmes.


This story was written in February 2016.

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Updated 01.11.2017