Student story - Japan - Great memories and great connections

Japan - Great memories and great connections

International Business

"Great memories and great connections" summarize my Exchange Experience perfectly. As cliché as it is, it is very true in my case.

My name is Marjut Lievonen, I study International Business in TAMK's international program. The exchange period abroad is a mandatory part of my studies. For my exchange I chose a country I had been interested in for a while, Japan. I had some knowledge about Japanese culture and language before the exchange but I had lots more when I came back!

My goal was to learn the language better and get to know Japanese culture and the Japanese people. My goal was successful; my language abilities skyrocketed since I used Japanese language daily, with my friends at school, in the dormitory and every time I went to the town for shopping or hanging out. It is true what they say about Japanese: very few speak English voluntarily!

But once they realize you speak Japanese they are eager to teach you about Japanese culture. I learned so much, also about how good-willed Japanese people are. My Japanese friends showed me how they eat in New Year's, how the traditional Japanese houses look like etc.

I made great friends and great memories during my stay. I went to school, explored the town I lived in, had fun, traveled, learned new... with my new friends! I now have great connections in Japan, Indonesia, South Korea, Hong Kong, even in Europe and America.  

I have so many fond memories of my exchange I'd do it again anytime!

If you're considering the exchange, GO FOR IT! You learn so much new, are able to see the world and how it is different from what you're used to, and most of all, you gain invaluable connections.

Marjut Lievonen, Finland

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Updated 24.10.2016