Student story - Information Technology Education Developed My Professional Skills

Visa Hokkanen

Information technology

Visa Hokkanen works as a research and development manager at Novatron. He applied for the education because the education offered the know-how he needed in his work.

1. What are your duties?

I work as a research and development manager at Novatron, which recently moved from Tampere to Pirkkala. Novatron designs, manufactures, and supplies measuring systems for construction machinery, which bring cost savings through increasing the machinery efficiency at construction sites.

The product design also includes mechanics and industrial design, electronics and computer design, as well as plenty of software development.

2. Why did you apply for the education?

I graduated in imbedded systems from Tampere University of Applied Sciences in 2005. I applied for the education because the education offered the know-how I had needed in my work after the engineering education, such as databases, requirement specification, and web programming. After a couple of work-oriented years, my study enthusiasm had also increased.

3. How do you feel now after the education?

The education is not yet completely over for my part. The thesis still has to be finished and returned next autumn. But I am already feeling good. My professional skills have improved in a verifiable way as I have been able to apply the learnt in working life.

4. What know-how did the education offer?

I learnt the basics of relational databases and their design, as well as the most common web techniques. My prior skills on web techniques were almost non-existent. My knowledge of mobile platforms and especially the Qt environment was updated for 2012. The requirement specifications and system architectures also occupied my mind in everyday work.

5. What is your thesis topic?

My thesis relates to the project management's work at the construction site and the related requirement specification tools.

Updated 01.11.2017