Student Story - Frederik Maier

Frederik Maier

International Business, exchange student

Home country: Germany
What are you currently doing: Master in Business Administration

How did you find out about TAMK and what made you choose it for your studies?

We had an informational event for Erasmus students at my home university in Germany, where I had the opportunity to talk with people whom already completed an Erasmus semester. The information I got from other students about TAMK was very positive. Also, the written reports about Tampere and TAMK made me choose Tampere University of Applied Sciences. Other positive points for me were the population of the city and the good public transport system.

What did you like most about Tampere and Finland?

Tampere was previously an industrial city which can be seen in the many well-preserved red brick buildings dominating the cityscape. Today, there are plenty of museums, shops, restaurants, pubs, clubs and cinemas. Tampere is clearly a student city with a good nightlife and student friendly prices. One attraction I really liked was the Särkänniemi amusement park, very easy to reach by public transport.

In what ways have your studies contributed to your professional and personal life?

The biggest outcome I got from TAMK was to understand and learn a lot about different cultures and studying styles.

How has TAMK supported your needs as a student?

The support received from TAMK before and during the semester was excellent. There was a possibility to take part in the "Erasmus Intensive Language Courses (EILC)" before the semester began, as well as in the orientation week for exchange students. There are local tutors for exchange students who can help you out whenever you have any questions.

The services were very good, they help you with almost everything. For example: questions about the university or about learning agreements, but also how to find the right accommodation. I chose an accommodation from TOAS called Lapinkaari, which I can really recommend if you want to meet new people. Also, the shared kitchen and corridors give you the opportunity to easily chat with other students.

What would you say to anyone considering studying at TAMK?

It will be your best time at a university. Just do it!


This story was written in April 2016.


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Updated 27.04.2017