Studen story - Inga Siedina

Inga Siedina

International Business

Home country: Ukraine
What are you currently doing: International Business student and Production Manager at Alterstream Agency

How did you find out about TAMK and what you made you choose it for your studies?

My story should start from the very beginning. I am originally from Crimea, Ukraine and I literally grew up on Finnish music, as I started to listen to it when I was 12. Now I am 25, so I have been listening to it for more than half of my life. I read lots of information about Finland and was (and still am) a truly fan of Finland. So when I started to think about getting my second higher education degree there was no other country to consider as an option.

The only question I had is my mind is whether I should apply to Media and Arts as the biggest passions in my life are music and live shows, or to the International Business since marketing was interesting for me too. It happened so, that I ended up choosing International Business thinking that having a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration sounds more serious than basically being a musician, if I would have chosen Music Production. In 2014 I entered TAMK and completed all the mandatory business courses and all marketing major courses as well.

What did you like most about Tampere and Finland?

Honestly, it wasn't difficult to find necessary info about education in Finland on the Internet, so I didn't experience any troubles with it. Tampere was also my number one option, as I've been in love with this city since I first visited it as a tourist in 2011.

In what ways have your studies contributed to your personal and professional life?

To follow my dream sometimes I had to be at school from 8 am till 8 pm, but I do not regret it at all. Moreover, when it came to finding a place for internship there was no other option for me, but applying to a concert agency. I decided to aim high and applied to Fullsteam Agency – one of the biggest concert agencies in Finland. And yes, I was chosen and I even worked at Justine Bieber's concerts! It was an incredible experience of a lifetime. And I should say huge thanks to TAMK for giving me permission to work there, even if my practical training assignments didn't deal much with anything related to business topics.

Nowadays, I am working as a Production Manager in Alterstream Agency and this April I will go on tour in Eastern Europe with the Finnish metal band Kuoleman Galleria as their tour manager. Music business is a bit rough place for girls. Sometimes, you have to work twice hard to prove that you are in there for working and not for partying with nice-looking band members. Some time ago, most of event producers, band managers, venue managers, etc. were people with passion to music, but no actual education. They just wanted to have fun and hang out with cool people. And even though they are really nice guys, they did (and some still do) the business in a very unprofessional way. But times of crazy rock'n'roll are gone and more people with actual business education are needed to the industry and I am full of eagerness to prove that girls are needed chain in there as well.

How has TAMK supported your needs as a student?

My passion for live shows won and I decided to ask TAMK if I have a chance to take some Event Production courses, as free-choice courses. First, it was agreed that I take 15 credits extra, but somehow, I was involved in more and more courses and for now I already have 60 credits and I basically consider my media classmates as my actual classmates rather than my business ones.

I am a 3rd year student and I am supposed to graduate in December 2017. We agreed that I will write my thesis related to the tour management topic and seems like I will graduate as an event producer with a BBA degree. All the business courses were very helpful though.  In concert production I have to deal with budgeting, logistics and of course with marketing, so in a way I actually gained way more knowledge than an usual Music Production student would have.

What would you say to anyone considering studying at TAMK?

I do what I really love and I am very thankful to TAMK and especially to Janne Hopeela who gave me permission to take media courses from the business side, to Marita Tuomala for being my practical training supervisor and letting me go to work at the music agency and the hugest thanks should go to Harri Karvinen, who accepted me, a person with no previous experience, to attend all media courses I wanted to take and for supporting me while doing my first, but so important steps to follow my dream.

This story was written in March 2017.

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Updated 27.03.2017