Opiskelijan Tampere’s Housing Services

Opiskelijan Tampere’s Housing Services

Are you looking for an apartment from Tampere? Even though finding an apartment can seem to be difficult, don't worry: Opiskelijan Tampere is supporting students in apartment-seeking with comprehensive housing service website as well as with the email- and call service of our housing secretary.

At our website through the search service you can easily check which apartment suits you the best and ask for the contact details of the landlord. In addition, you can leave an apartment request  in our website, so that if landlords are seeking for tenants they will notice you easier. Opiskelijan Tampere does not charge any commission from the tenant or the landlord. Opiskelijan Tampere also helps you to find a flatmate to your apartment. You can leave a flatmate ad easily in our website. You can also browse through the already existing ads to see if there would be a suitable person that you could share your flat with. In addition, you can leave an apartment request in our website, so that if landlords are seeking for tenants they will notice you easier.

INT Housing

Opiskelijan Tampere will organise the INT Housing project at the autumn 2015. The purpose of the programme is to provide accommodation for international students arriving to Tampere during the autumn. INT housing is directed to the exchange or international degree students that come to study to the University of Tampere, Tampere University of Technology or Tampere University of Applied Sciences. You must be accepted as student in one of these universities in order to apply for the programme, but otherwise there are no age, nationality or other restrictions for the applicants.

Further information on INT Housing programme and the application form can be found here:

The services of the Secretary for Housing

Opiskelijan Tampere's Secretary for Housing serves apartment-seekers also in the summer and in the beginning of the university studies. These services include general housing guidance, supporting in rental affairs, apartment broker service and possible language help for international students. The Secretary for Housing does not know more about the apartments that is announced in the apartment ad, and thus the person interested in the apartment should contact the landlord directly.

Temporary accommodation

Opiskelijan Tampere and Dream Hostel will organise temporary accommodation for students that will move to Tampere and do not yet have housing in the autumn. Temporary accommodation is organised on 1th-31st of August 2015. The price for the accommodation is 17,50 euros/night. Students in need should reserve a bed as soon as possible, since the bed places are limited.

More information and instructions on temporary accommodation can be found from Opiskelijan   Tampere's websites: If Dream Hostel is full, those in need can directly contact Opiskelijan Tampere's Secretary for Housing, who will guide them to reserve emergency accommodation.

Additional information is provided by:

Terhi Meriläinen
Secretary for Housing and Communication
Opiskelijan Tampere association
+358 50 374 8191


Published 12.12.2016