Opening concert of the Moomin Museum recorded on a 360-degree video

Opening concert of the Moomin Museum recorded on a 360-degree video

The video gives a genuine feeling of the venue and the music.

Image (Tampere Hall): Singers Tero Harjunniemi and Nelli Nyman in a Moomin mood.
Image (Tampere Hall): Singers Tero Harjunniemi and Nelli Nyman in a Moomin mood.

The international Media and Arts team from Tampere University of Applied Sciences made Finnish concert history at the opening ceremony of the Moomin Museum at Tampere Hall by recording the concert on a 360-degree video.

The world's only Moomin Museum celebrated its grand opening at Tampere Hall on 9 August 2017. A new musical composition by Jonne Valtonen debuted at the opening gala. The piece is inspired by Tove Jansson's The Invisible Child, and it was performed by the Tampere Philharmonics Orchestra and conducted by Chief Conductor Santtu-Matias Rouvali. 

To make the unique concert even more unforgettable, the gala performance was recorded by multiple cameras on a 360-degree video. The video challenge was accepted by a team of specialists from Tampere Hall, Nokia Technologies and media studies at Tampere University of Applied Sciences. 

The entire concert was recorded for use by Tampere Hall, the Moomin Museum and the Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra. The recording takes the spectators into the centre of the concert venue, allowing them to change the angle in the Tampere Hall auditorium using either VR headset or the keyboard. The sound quality on the video is premium. 

A short compilation of the piece (4:25) is available on YouTube:  

Expertise put to the test 

The opening concert was preceded by months of preparation. TAMK's particular area of expertise was 360° sound and 360° multi-camera applications, which represent the most advanced technology in concert and performance recording. The VR (virtual reality) expertise at TAMK was obtained through VR test projects with Nokia Technologies, which had been running for almost two years before the gala. 

The project journal by Media and Arts student Tiia Rintakoski reveals that the team was still looking for the best locations for the Nokia OZO cameras and dozens of microphones while the performers rehearsed in Tampere Hall. The orchestra, choir, lead singers, narrators and the dancer all appeared on the set simultaneously. The feeding of sound and image was tested carefully in order to perfect the experience transmitted to the audience. 

The core team members from the degree programmes in Media and Arts and Media were Mark Malyshev, Juhana Sarkki and Jousia Lappi. The students were supported by teachers Janne Tauriainen and Tipi Tuovinen. Education manager Timo Kivikangas had the overall responsibility for the 360-degree video production. The project team conquered all challenges by working seamlessly together. 

Mark Malyshev describes working in a professional team where everyone knows what they're doing as a great experience. He recommends taking on new challenges as a way to develop one's expertise.

- Keep an eye out for potential projects and prepare yourself. You might not be the one who decides in the end but you should aim to be the one chosen. 

Alumni gathering 

Now as the project has been handed over to the customers, Timo Kivikangas is extremely proud of the end result, TAMK's work and the smooth cooperation demonstrated during the project. Productions of this kind are the best possible way to prepare students for their professional life. 

The concert in August also involved some pleasant surprises.

- It was quite a reunion for former students at PIRAMK and TAMK! Jonne Valtonen, the composer of the piece, graduated as a musician from Pirkanmaa University of Applied Sciences, as did one of the singers, soprano Nelli Nyman. The sound mixer at the auditorium of Tampere Hall was Kai Saastamoinen, a bachelor of media studies from PIRAMK's unit in Virrat. Another bachelor in media studies from Virrat, Jussi Tervo, was responsible for the sound recording and mixing of the production in the audio unit.

- It's a shame we didn't have time for a group photo.

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Published 02.11.2017