New higher education community to be established in Tampere in 2019

New higher education community to be established in Tampere in 2019

The Parliament approved the legislative proposals concerning the establishment of the Tampere3 higher education community on Tuesday 12 December. The University of Tampere and Tampere University of Technology merge to create the new foundation-based Tampere University, which also becomes TAMK's main owner.  

The new higher education community in Tampere will be established at the beginning of 2019, when the new foundation-based Tampere University is formed through a merger between the University of Tampere and Tampere University of Technology. The activities, personnel, students and assets of the two universities will be transferred to the new Tampere University. 

The new university will become the main owner of Tampere University of Applied Sciences, when the City of Tampere assigns its shares, 87 per cent in the university of applied sciences, to Tampere University Foundation. The shares will be assigned in February 2018.

- Tampere is in the process of implementing a reform of national significance that will inject fresh thinking across our higher education sector. Combining the strengths of two universities and a university of applied sciences will create a higher education institution that is more diverse, international and influential and produce new information and expertise to benefit Finland and the whole of humanity, stated Minister of Education Sanni Grahn-Laasonen in a Ministry of Education and Culture press release on 12 December. 

The operations of the new higher education community will be based on the existing research and educational activities of the three strong higher education institutions (HEIs) and their novel combinations. 

- The new community's impact and quality will be brought to a whole new level through research and innovation activities that cut across boundaries, and flexible paths to degrees between the university of applied sciences and the university, says Chairwoman of Tampere University Foundation's Board Marja Makarow

The President of the Republic of Finland is due to confirm the amendments to the Universities Act and Universities of Applied Sciences Act as well as the Act on the Implementation of the Universities Act concerning the establishment of the new Tampere University, which were approved by the Finnish Parliament on 12 December, before the end of this year.    

The new provisions governing educational collaboration between HEIs will provide all universities and universities of applied sciences in Finland with more autonomy to pursue educational collaboration with other HEIs.   

In addition, the Parliament is expecting the Government to ensure that any decisions concerning universities of applied sciences, which are taken within higher education groups comprising universities and universities of applied sciences, are made in the relevant university of applied sciences. Funding that is allocated in accordance with the state funding system must be used in the HEI that it is awarded to, and any financial or other benefits resulting from collaboration between HEIs must be divided equally between the partners.     

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Published 14.12.2017