MUAS students were impressed by TAMK’s teaching methods

MUAS students were impressed by TAMK’s teaching methods

MUAS' or Munich University of Applied Sciences' 14 business administration students and their Professor Dr Harald Müllich gained practical experience in TAMK's and Proacademy's teaching methods in week 48.

The MUAS students discussed business cultures and practices with students of Proacademy and the Degree Programmes in Business Administration and International Business in a German language course. Proacademy's students organised a workshop on innovation methods and a commissioned development assignment to apply the methods in practice together with TAMK students. The innovation results were assessed by a group comprised of Proacademy coaches, the commissioners, and Professor Dr Müllich.

The MUAS students were impressed by our interactive and creative methods. Our students shared their home with the MUAS students during the week, which was a nice addition to the international cooperation and TAMK students' home internationalisation.

Text: Senior Lecturer Eeva Piirainen

Published 12.12.2016