Microsoft’s ex-employee: extension studies at TAMK woke interest in modern studying

Microsoft’s ex-employee: extension studies at TAMK woke interest in modern studying

The Tampere3 universities have produced a selection of extension studies and services for those made redundant by Microsoft and Nokia.

The Tampere3 universities (TAMK, UTA and TUT) built a joint course tray where customers can individually select eight credits of studies. Microsoft and the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment finance the studies. The studies started in 2016 and will continue until 2018.

The purpose of the individual studies is to facilitate employment. The participants have very different backgrounds – the educational needs vary from the most common competence fields to field-specific special competences. The participants are also offered personal career guidance and training in search for work.

Specialisation in wellbeing technology has interested many participants who have a technical background. An ex-employee of Microsoft tells about his experiences after studying at TAMK:

– I attended a course in official requirements for medical devices, which was very interesting. Official approvals and certification processes were familiar to me in my prior job but it was great to go through them under someone's instruction. Studying was a new experience after a long break and woke interest and appreciation of present-day studies. The educator was a clear expert in the field. The course was sensibly limited to EU requirements, which made it possible to discuss the topic in more detail. In my opinion, the participatory teaching style was a very good choice.

The participant we interviewed found a new job in a wellbeing technology company after the studies. The good experience of TAMK encourages him to participate in for example medical devices courses in future, too. Some participants have become so interested in studying that they have applied to full-time degree studies.

Further information:
Development Manager Kristiina Lilja, TAMK EDU, tel. 050 373 2966,


Published 16.05.2017