Mediapolis – meeting place of students and companies

Mediapolis – meeting place of students and companies

At Mediapolis people meet spontaneously in the lobby and on coffee queues as well as in organised networking events. Students' and companies' willingness to cooperate forms the basis for the new campus.

Mediapolis is a content production and ICT campus where companies and students build their own growth stories by creating contents to a variety of media. High technology and community spirit create an excellent setting for success.

The occupants of Mediapolis, the companies and TAMK's media students, moved to Tohloppi in autumn 2014.

Setting for networking

The Mediapolis campus has been designed to make it easy for entrepreneurs and students to meet and network with one another. Some of the key ideas are transparency and openness with spacious rooms and glass structures.

- Different kind of meeting places have been created by means of for example furniture, tells Campus Manager Saara Eskola from Technopolis.

The main lobby of the campus is the centre; all customers, employees, students, guests, and programme audience meet in the lobby.

- Another important meeting place is the student lobby through which people go to the lunch restaurant. Diverse networking possibilities have likewise been considered in its interior design.

The rooms for small entrepreneurs support freelancing. The entrepreneur can rent even a desk in an open work space. This promotes establishment of a completely new kind of a work community.

Golden coffee break

At least ten networking events have been organised there in 2014. Eskola predicts that the future will also bring working life match making where the entrepreneurs' needs to sell or buy meet the students' abilities and skills.

As the campus manager, it is Eskola's duty to take care that everything works at the campus.

- Customer networking and introduction of customers to each other are also very important for finding new business possibilities, tells Eskola.

Mediapolis is a good environment for the so-called golden coffee breaks. Students may hear tips for their thesis projects on the coffee queue. The daily meeting possibilities are one of the most fascinating sides of Mediapolis.

Enthusiasm and experience under the same roof

Mediapolis entrepreneurs have committed themselves to the campus operations model where students, entrepreneurs, and the public sector meet.

- For entrepreneurs the keyword is ease; students are available in a couple of minutes.

Students can offer entrepreneurs the latest competence and even completely new fields of competence.

- Young people seem to have excellent IT and social media skills as well as extensive networks around the world.

To benefit from the student competence, entrepreneurs have to share their know-how and contacts. Even if entrepreneurs and students share their enthusiasm for the same field, both parties need to throw themselves open-mindedly into the cooperation.

What is Mediapolis?

  • content production and ICT campus whose operation is based on cooperation between companies and students
  • several field-related companies and three educational institutions (TAMK, University of Tampere, and Tredu)
  • location in Tohloppi in Tampere, about 6 kilometres from the city centre
  • companies can rent facilities from a single desk to 500 square metres
  • meeting rooms, auditorium, video conference room, and sauna facilities can also be rented
  • companies and students moved to the campus in autumn 2014


Caption: In Mediapolis it is easy for students and entrepreneurs to meet one another, tells Campus Manager Saara Eskola.


This article has been published in the Finnish-language TAMK.nyt magazine

Published 12.12.2016