International Week for Engineering

Dates: 31 January - 2 February 2017


Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) will organise its 7th International Week for Engineering on 30 January – 2 February 2017. It is our pleasure to invite our international partners to participate in this event in Tampere, Finland. The International Week for Engineering (IWE 2017) will offer the participants a chance to teach the engineering students of TAMK and meet colleagues of the same field of study from TAMK and the participating universities. On top of lecturing, there will be a number of other activities: a company visit, city sightseeing tour, outdoor sports and a sauna evening - just to name a few.

TAMK will welcome 25 visiting lecturers to the International Week for Engineering 2017, and we hope to have a group of participants whose specialisations will represent all the degree programmes in which TAMK offers education in the fields of Engineering, Technology and Natural Resources.


TAMK Bachelor's Degree Programmes taking part in the week are:
- Bioproduct and Process Engineering, incl. Paper Technology
- Building Services Engineering
- Construction Architect
- Construction Engineering
- Construction Site Management
- Electrical Engineering
- Energy and Environmental Engineering
- Forestry
- ICT Engineering
- Laboratory Science
- Mechanical and Production Engineering
- Vehicle Engineering

Aims and activities
The International Week for Engineering 2017 has several aims, and it offers the international participants and the students and staff of TAMK a great variety of activities:
Academic: You are invited to give classes to the TAMK engineering students and to experience the learning environment of your partner university. The minimum number of teaching hours is 2 x 45 min. The rest of the programme will add up to the minimum of teaching hours required by the rules of the Erasmus+ Programme.
Information: The participants will be given an update on the latest developments at TAMK, and those who will visit Tampere University of Applied Sciences for the first time will get an overview of our facilities. The company visit will highlight the different ways of learning of TAMK.
Networking and Socialising: The social programme will help you meet informally with colleagues from different countries and institutions of higher education. The get-togethers will enable the participants to share common interests and to network in a relaxed atmosphere. The outdoor activities will offer a unique opportunity to experience the Nordic winter.

The programme of the IWE 2017 will start on Monday, 30 January 2017 at 9.00 am at the main campus of TAMK at Kuntokatu 3. The programme ends on Thursday, 2 February afternoon by 4 pm at the latest. All participants are strongly advised to attend the opening session on Monday, 30 January.

All the visiting lecturers will give a minimum of 2-3 hours (à 45 min) of lectures to the engineering students who may come from a Degree Programme conducted in Finnish or in English. All the guest lectures will be given in English, and they are grouped in 90 or 135-minute packages.

We will designate a student group for each lecture by matching the suggested lecture topic and the students' Degree Programme as well as possible. The number of students in each lecture will vary from ca 20 to 60. All the students are at undergraduate level, ie they are on their 1st - 4th year in a Bachelor's Degree Programme in Engineering, Technology or Natural Resources.

In addition to the academic programme, we will organise social activities that will include sightseeing in Tampere, light outdoor sports (optional), a sauna evening and an informal dinner. One evening will be left free. TAMK will offer the participants lunch daily and two dinners. There is no participation fee for the IWE 2017. The International Week for Engineering is only meant for the teaching academic staff of the TAMK partner universities. Other delegates (partners, spouses, children etc.) unfortunately cannot join the programme – even for a fee – due to the limited capacity of transport and other facilities.


Registration Form should be filled in and e-mailed to Riku-Matti Kinnunen,, by 15 November 2016. If there are altogether more than 25 persons wishing to attend the International Week for Engineering 2017, we will select the participants by applying the one-participant-per-university rule, and by trying to have lecturers from as many fields of Engineering, Technology and Natural Resources as possible. If there are several candidates from the same institution, the sending university will select the participant in case only one person per university can be admitted. Priority will be given to those attending the International Week for Engineering of TAMK for the first time.

Together with your Registration Form, please also send your lecture syllabus (short description of the content and teaching methods as a Word or PDF file) to Riku-Matti Kinnunen by 15 November 2016.


The participants will cover their travel and accommodation costs from their own budget. It's recommended to apply for a scholarship (eg. Erasmus+) at the home institution for a partial or total subsidy of the costs. The programme of the week will be completed by early January 2017. An info package (how to arrive and where to stay etc.) and a tentative programme will be sent to those admitted in early December 2016 at the very latest.


International coordinator Mr Riku-Matti Kinnunen

Updated 09.02.2017