Hundreds of graduates heading for working life

Hundreds of graduates heading for working life

TAMK's graduation ceremony of the spring took place on Saturday 6 June 2015. Grants were also given and the best theses awarded at the graduation ceremony. Approximately 1800 students graduate from TAMK every year.

Due to the number of graduates there were two graduation ceremonies, at 10.00 and 12.00. In the first one, the graduates of the fields of technology, communication and transport and natural resources received their degree certificates. The graduation ceremony at 12.00 was for graduates of all the other fields.

The first speech was given by Jarkko Kohtala from Elenia Oy. Kohtala told that due to retirement the energy field will need new employees in the next ten years.

- New energy technologies create possibilities in the field. You graduates have good skills in using the latest technology and knowledge.

The second speech was held by Harri Sjöholm from Robit Rocktools Ltd. Sjöholm encouraged the graduates to continue believing in their dreams.

- This day fulfils one of your dreams. Keep dreaming as dreams have the tendency to come true when you believe in them.

"It is foolhardy not to change"

President Markku Lahtinen reminded that development is fast in all fields. The higher education institutions keep up the change by having the courage to change.

- Change demands courage but it is foolhardy not to change. The purpose of the HEI cooperation project in Tampere is that we will be at the leading edge in future too and able to offer the best possible education and research.

The graduating student's speech was given by Bachelor of Engineering Clemens Hoffman, who completed a double degree at TAMK and Hochschule Hannover. TAMK has a double degree agreement with four foreign higher education institutions.

A speech was also held by Maria Koivisto, who graduated from the Degree Programme in Nursing and Health Care in 2.5 years instead of the normal 3.5 years.

The best bachelor's and master's theses were also awarded at the graduation ceremony. According to the jury topicality was an asset in all the works.

The best master's thesis was completed by Wellbeing Technology student Hanna Hellman, who developed technically assisted rehabilitation services for children and adolescents. The best bachelor's theses were Social Services student Hanna Niemi's "A Questionnaire and Interview Survey on over 65-Year-Old Food Aid Customers in Tampere" and Paper, Textile and Chemical Engineering student Anne Heikkilä's "Waste Water Study".

Photo: Clemens Hoffman (left), Maria Ameziane, Pia Iloranta, and Timo Methler graduated in the English Degree Programme in Environmental Engineering.



Published 12.12.2016