Heartbeat mattress helps in babies’ sleeping problems – TAMK’s ICT cooperative participates in development

Heartbeat mattress helps in babies’ sleeping problems – TAMK’s ICT cooperative participates in development

Pauli Lagerstedt from Nokia is launching a baby mattress which reproduces the mother's heartbeat. The mattress prototype was made at TAMK's ICT cooperative Verstas.

The idea which has been developed for a couple of decades has now become a prototype.

– The wheels started to turn fast when I found the right people at TAMK to build the prototype, says Lagerstedt.

The basic idea of the invention originated from a simple observation: When the baby has been in the mother's womb for nine months, (s)he has become accustomed to hearing and feeling the mother's heartbeat. After the birth, the familiar sound can only be heard on the mother's lap, which is often the easiest place for the baby to fall asleep. If the baby heard the mother's heartbeat without being on the mother's lap all the time, it would promote the baby's feeling of security and thus facilitate falling asleep.

The patent application was made and more test mattresses were produced after finishing the first prototype of the mattress.

- The prototype will be developed further. All potential of the invention has not yet seen the light of the day, tells Head of Degree Programme in ICT Engineering Ari Rantala.

The heartbeat mattress works as follows: The mother's individual heartbeat is first recorded. Thereafter the recording is filtered with an appropriate algorithm and made continuous. The recording is then transferred with a memory stick to be reproduced by a speaker system in the bed. The cot-sized mattress does not only reproduce the heartbeat but also vibrates in the same rhythm thanks to its basso element.

– What the heartbeat and pulse can tell about us is an interesting research subject. The invention has added a further research topic to the field, tells Rantala.

The Slush event for start-ups gave national attention to the invention as the Finnish MTV news included the heartbeat mattress into the ten most interesting phenomena or innovations.

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Published 12.12.2016