Formula team’s new car ready for the season

Formula team’s new car ready for the season

Tampere University of Applied Sciences' formula team presented its new racing car in the Roll Out event at TAMK in April. The team's first race with the new car takes place on 17-20 July in Assen, the Netherlands.

Photo: Essi Kannelkoski
Photo: Essi Kannelkoski

Tampere UAS Motorsport's technical director, student Tarmo Heiskanen, what new features does the car have?

"The aim was to reduce the weight of the FS017 car considerably compared with last year. The framework shapes and sizes were optimised and the machined subframe, which is attached to the motor, rear control arms, suspension, brakes, and differential gear, was implemented.

We introduced air bag shock dampers in the chassis and reconsidered the shock damper locations and stabiliser implementation. The reliability and serviceability of brake parts were improved.

The motor is the same but its tune-up level was raised. Manifold improvements should give more power according to simulations. In addition, we again paid attention to noise reduction in silencer design. It was a problem in earlier years."

What expectations does the formula team have of the new season?

"We feel really good about the new car. The car looks very handsome and it lost weight nicely. Special attention was paid to the earlier problems. Now we have a good chance to cross the finishing line in the endurance part of the race, which has been a problem for us for years."

What does the racing calendar look like?

" Formula Student Netherlands takes place at TT Circuit in Assen on 17-20 July and Formula Student Hungary in Győr a month later. This year there will be two separate trips due to the timetable."

How long did it take to build the new car?

"It took time. And it will still take time. Our key group consists of less than twenty persons and each of them uses hundreds of hours for the project during the season. Thousands of cups of coffee are drunk in our formula den during the season."

The most important features of the FS017 car

  • Length: 2.94 m
  • Width: 1.50 m
  • Wheelbase: 1525 mm
  • Estimated weight: 187 kg
  • Motor: Aprilia RXV V-twin 549 cm³
  • Top speed: 120 km/h
  • Acceleration: 0-100 km/h 4.3 sec

Tampere UAS Motorsport

Tampere UAS Motorsport is Tampere University of Applied Sciences' student team which races in the international Formula Student series. The races take place every summer around the world, but mostly in Europe. The idea of the races is to develop students' competence in demanding field-specific tasks and offer manufacturers future ideas. The races are sponsored by large enterprises, such as Bosch, Mahle, Audi, and Mercedes Benz. At the moment, the team has about 50 members from a variety of fields. The majority of the members are engineering students but also business administration and media students have an important role in the team.

Tampere UAS Motorsport:

Published 04.05.2017