Opiskelijan tarina - Education has always held a top spot in my values rankings

Bogdan Neagu

Information Technology

Software Engineer Bogdan Neagu moved from Romania to Tampere 14 years ago because of his work. He is now studying in TAMK's Master's Degree Programme in Information Technology.

– I did not know the Finnish education system at all when I started my Information Technology studies at TAMK. I am very pleased that studying has been flexible and I have been able to work alongside my studies, Bogdan tells.

When Bogdan's prior employment ended a couple of years ago, it was time to turn the clock forward.

– I considered different career options. Information technology is the area of my expertise because I have worked as a software engineer for a long time. I found out about the education at TAMK websites and decided it was time for me to update my knowledge and continue with my studies.

At the same time when the beginning of the studies was confirmed, Bogdan found his present-day work. He now works as an engineer at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Bogdan started his studies with enthusiasm and is very pleased with the education.

– This education includes a great selection of widely used technologies. The education brought together experienced people equipped with different skills and competences.

Education has always held a top spot in Bogdan´s values rankings, and therefore he hopes that in future he will be involved in further education. He would also be interested in research.

Master-level education for ICT engineers The Master's Degree Programme in Information Technology especially suits ICT engineers who want to deepen their competence in modern methods and

techniques, Head of Degree Programme Pekka Pöyry tells.

– Most of our students already work in the ICT field as software designers, software architects, or project managers. The degree programme also offers the formal masterlevel qualification. Part of the studies can be completed through distance learning.

The contact teaching takes place on every other Friday and Saturday.


Photo: Bogdan Neagu has a prior bachelor's degree in computer science from Politechnica University of Bucharest.

Updated 01.11.2017