Application to degree programmes in English starts 9 Jan 2018

Application to degree programmes in English starts 9 Jan 2018

The degree offer at Tampere University of Applied Sciences in January includes altogether nine degree programmes which commence in August 2018. Five of these degrees are on the Bachelor level and four on the Master level.

Year 2018 sees the return of our Bachelor's degree in Nursing after a few years of absence. Although the programme is in English, applicants must have a command of the Finnish language. This is because of the strong practical approach, which requires students to be able to interact with patients in the field from the start. I
n response to a voiced demand in the field, TAMK will launch a new Bachelor's programme in Software Engineering, which will hold its entrance exam exceptionally in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Applicants are welcome to attend from anywhere on the globe.

Bachelor's degrees:

Energy and Environmental Engineering, 34 study places available
International Business, 60 study places available
Media and Arts, 48 study places available
Nursing, 25 study places available
Software Engineering, 30 study places available

Master's degrees are open to professionals who have a Bachelor level degree and three years of work experience in the field after graduation. It is possible to complete a Master's degree while continuing to work.

A new Master's programme in Risk Management and Circular Economy aims at building a new kind of future through themes like life cycle assessment and big data analysis. Applicants with a Bachelor level degree in engineering, natural sciences or business administration are welcome. Another unique Master's degree is Educational Leadership, where most of the studies take place online and the peer group gathers only for a couple of intensive weeks in Tampere, Finland.

Master's degrees:

Educational Leadership, 20 study places available
International Business Management, 25 study places available
Risk Management and Circular Economy , 25 study places available
Screenwriting¸ 10 study places available

Application period 9–24 January

Important details on degree contents, pre-tasks and application is available on TAMK's website and at the TAMK Admissions Office,, telephone +358 3 245 2395


Published 05.01.2018