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Matti Laaksonen: International education opened doors

International Business -koulutus

I work as a logistics coordinator at Cargotec Finland Oy. I was employed just before graduation and I have enjoyed my busy work a lot. There is not always time to have a coffee break and there has been a lot to learn but it is actually a positive thing. The workmates are nice and the atmosphere is great.

I applied to study International Business because my work as a lorry driver and mechanic was not what I wanted to do till retirement. I did not consider any other field or programme. I set admission to the IB as my target and decided not to apply anywhere else.

The atmosphere of the IB was definitely the best, and most teachers were also great. The most difficult for me was to be separated from my family during the student exchange. I had a daughter in January and at the beginning of March in the same year I left to Holland for the rest of the year.

Unique networking possibilities

In studying as in everything else, it is most important to find tasks one enjoys. It is not worth forcing oneself even if it is also sometimes necessary. The IB offers extensive business competence but also good possibilities to specialise in a field. I chose the option of logistics and have not regretted it for a moment. The high-quality education together with good modern tools provided the skills needed for working with engineers after the education.

I definitely recommend the education. The international competence given by the education opens doors in quite a different way than the same education in Finnish or Swedish. The compulsory student exchange and practical training abroad are merely positive. I would probably not have had the job if I had not completed my practical training at Caterpillar Logistics Services Inc. (nowadays Neovia Logistics Services LLC) in Holland. In addition, the networking possibilities given by the internationality and exchange programme are unique. There is no need to be afraid of studying in English. Basic skills are enough at the beginning and more is learnt in the group.

Matti Laaksonen, graduated in IB in summer 2013

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