Opiskelijan tarina - Best learning outcomes achieved through practice

Aino Yrjänä: Best learning outcomes achieved through practice

Media and Arts -koulutus

English degree programme in Media has developed a ton since it was first launched in 2009. I was fascinated by the programme's ideology, international studies and the chance to participate in client based projects.

This was one of the main reason why I decided to apply to Media Programme: to develop my academic skills through practical studies. I've participated in few event productions as an assistant producer. The productions I participated have been project point studies. I've also participated in several intensive courses and workshops. I feel that the best learning outcomes for me has come through practice.

TAMK offers some great student activities besides academic learning. My personal favorites has been peer and international tutoring but also TAMK Sports. Some Media students also have their own student clubs and get-togethers in the evenings after classes or during the weekends.

Studying at TAMK has offered me a lot for three years now. The possibilities and creative studies has really expanded my way of thinking about learning and studying in university.

I highly recommend you to apply to Media – or to any other international programme in the matter of fact! There are so many possibilities in TAMK.

In autumn 2012 I spent one semeter in Konkuk University, South Korea for my exchange studies under Communication Design. I'm having my internship at TAMK's Communication Services during spring 2013.

Aino started her studies in 2010.

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