Media and Arts Path Studies

Media and Arts Path Studies

Media and Arts Path Studies

60 cr

Time: 14.8.2018 - 31.5.2019

Tuition fee 600 €

TAMK Mediapolis, Tampere

The registration period starts August 1st at 9 am. Registration form is publisded below.

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Open UAS


Studying takes place full-time in the degree students' group during day-time.

Study Contents

The studies consist of the first-year studies in the degree programme. Further information can be found in the study guide. On the opening site, the first-year studies are marked with a red dot in the column 1. It depends on the size of the group in different paths (Interactive Media, Music Production, Fine Arts) which courses you will take.

Other things

There are two study places for open UAS students. The studies are conducted in English.

It is not possible to get student financial aid or other student benefits for the open UAS studies. If you are a registered jobseeker at the Employment and Economic Development Office, make sure that you can participate in the studies before registering as a path student.

How to register?

Please register for the path studies using the registration form provided, and submit the form by the final registration day at the latest. The registrat ion period is given in the description of the path studies.

We will send an invitation to the email address you have given in your contact information. The invitation will include detailed instructions about starting the studies and getting the access codes (user name and password) that you will need in order to use TAMK's computer network.

Registration becomes binding 14 days before the beginning of the studies. Please read carefully the section below on "Cancellation terms".

Payment terms

The payment term is 21 days net from the invoice date.

Cancellation terms

Registration becomes binding 14 days before the path studies begin. The study place has to be cancelled by contacting the Open UAS Office by email avoinamk(at)tamk.fi. If the registration is not cancelled and the student does not attend the first lesson, the beginning term’s proportion of the fee is charged. It is never enough simply to inform a teacher that you wish to cancel your registration.

Updated 29.03.2018

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