Experimental Tampere

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Experimental Tampere Experimental Tampere

Päivämäärä: 13.01.2017

Paikka: TAMK, Main Campus, Tampere

What is Experimental Tampere?

The Rectors' Conference of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences (Arene), together with the Finnish Government, is arranging a national tour to present and promote the richness of experimental culture in the Finnish universities of applied sciences. More information about Experimental Finland.

Experimental Tampere Event, on Friday the 13th of January, is a forum that will gather key development actors from the Tampere Region and higher education sector: city representatives, business leaders, organizations, citizens and, of course, students and staff from the three universities in Tampere - to network, think, work and plan together what kind of Smart Education is needed in Tampere, in the Smart City. 

Inspiring talks, networking, learning and working together - to kick off an innovative and productive year 2017! 

The event is invitation-only, and is located at TAMK main campus. If you are interested in joining the event, please contact us.

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