Each One Teach One NV00CD10-3015

Each One Teach One

Code: NV00CD10-3015

2 cr

Language of instruction: English

Course dates: 30.01.2019 - 31.05.2019

30.00 €

TAMK Main Campus, Tampere

Registration a minimum of two weeks before the beginning of the course.

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Open University of Applied Sciences

Course dates

30.01.2019 15:00 - 16:00


In Each One Teach One (also known as Tandem in some universities), the students teach each other their languages and culture in pairs or small groups. The course brings together students from various cultural and language backgrounds. The pairs or groups schedule their meetings independently, and each student keeps a learning diary on his/her teaching and/or learning process. It is recommended that each student acts both as a teacher and a learner, but it is also possible to participate only as a teacher or a learner. The pairs or groups are encouraged to meet in different settings and engage in various activities during the course. The students develop their skills in a given language, learn about other cultures, as well as improve their teaching and group work skills.


The students
- plan their meetings
- meet 10-15 times (1-2 hours at a time)
- produce a learning diary on their learning and/or teaching process and outcomes

Teaching methods

The pairs or groups schedule their meetings independently, and they are encouraged to meet in different settings and engage in various activities during the course.

Methods and grounds for evaluation

The assessment is based on the learning diary (blog: http://eoto.blogs.tamk.fi) about the students' teaching and/or learning process.

Student’s use of time and effort

Independent work: 54 h

Other information

DON'T ENROLL THROUGH PAKKI, USE THIS FORM INSTEAD: https://lomake.tamk.fi/v3/lomakkeet/26304/lomake.html
The students are encouraged to find suitable partners or small groups (max. 6 people) by themselves. However, after the enrolment, which must be done via the separate enrolment form (https://lomake.tamk.fi/v3/lomakkeet/26304/lomake.html, fill in the form before 27.1.2019), the coordinators of the course will give every student recommendations for suitable pairs or groups. Please note that sometimes it is not possible to offer every student a suitable pair or group (for example due to the lack of students teaching a given language). All students accepted to the course will receive information by email, and they should attend the kick-off info on 30.1.2019 at 15:00 in G00-10. Please do not enroll in Pakki before you receive an email stating that you have been accepted on the course!

Contact teaching group

The educational provision of the open UAS consists of degree programme courses. Contact teaching takes place either in degree student groups which have places reserved for open UAS students or in separate open UAS groups. Contact teaching of these studies is organised in separate open UAS groups.

How to register?

Please register for the course you wish to take using the registration form provided at the top of this page. Submit the form two weeks before the beginning of the course at the latest. After that, you can contact the Open UAS Office (avoinamk@tamk.fi) to ask if there are any free places available.

Registration becomes binding 7 days before the beginning of the course. We will send an invitation to the email address you have given. The invitation will include detailed instructions about starting the studies.

TAMK’s degree students register through the student administration system, Pakki. They will be admitted if there are free places on the course. The studies are free of charge for degree students.

Payment terms

The payment term is 21 days net from the invoice date.

Cancellation terms

Registration becomes binding 7 days before the course begins. The study place has to be cancelled by contacting the Open UAS Office by email (avoinamk(at)tamk.fi). If cancelled later, the whole fee is charged. Please remember to cancel your registration in time if you cannot start the studies. It is never enough simply to inform a teacher that you wish to cancel your registration.

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