Construction site management - learning by gaming

Construction site management - learning by gaming

TAMK's construction engineering students are learning how to deal with real management situations that arise on construction sites by playing a game called "Risks and Opportunities". The game has been designed by Skanska Ab – a company providing services in the construction and project development fields.

In spring 2015, an updated form of a course called Management Skills was held at TAMK; one of its innovative features is a gaming day.  Senior Lecturer Eero Nippala explains that less time is now spent on traditional lecturing and more on activities that simulate practical work-life situations.

– Simulations of real-life scenarios enable students to learn how to deal with all kinds of situations that might crop up on the job.  The feedback from the students has been very positive, says Nippala.

The objective of the game is to construct an imaginary building worth 400 million euros.  Small groups of students act as teams responsible for making site-management decisions.

– The game simulates the whole process of the construction project – from the tendering stage to completion.  Problems arise as the game proceeds, depending on decisions taken earlier in the game, explains Nippala.

Playing the game gives the students some conception of a construction project in its entirety. After the student groups have made their decisions, the game team from Skanska shows how each of their choices has particular knock-on effects.

The game is designed first and foremost for Skanska's internal development purposes, and it is now being used in several different countries. In addition to its partnership with TAMK, Skanska has a similar agreement with Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki.


Caption: Constuction engineering students ponder questions in the Risks and Opportunities game.


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