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Media and Arts

Degree: Bachelor of Culture and Arts, 240 cr
Field of Education: Culture
Tuition Fee:No tuition fee
Place of Study: Tampere, Finlaysoninkatu
Start Date:August 2015
Applications: Joint application for English degree programmes
7 Jan to 27 Jan 2015

Student experiences
Best learning outcomes achieved through practice
Aino Yrjänä, Finland

Student experiences
Degree programme in the growing phase
Sabrina Seidl, Austria

Student experiences
Media professionals have a lot to choose from
Eeva-Kaisa Ahlamo, Finland

Student experiences
New directions with Media
Douglas Symon, England

The focus of the programme is on interactive media content design and production, music and event production and also as of 2014 Fine Art.

The students learn about current Media and Arts issues utilising main study paths Interactive Media, Music Production and Fine Art. These main paths are divided into sub study paths (e.g Game and Web Design, Music Business and Event Production, Photography, Moving image, Site Related and Communal Art) which will help students in choosing their field of expertise. Choosing studies across other study paths is also possible.

Note! Because the current Media program is now growing with study path Fine Art this means that also the name of the program will change from Media to Degree Programme in Media and Arts. See the presentation slides of the Media and Arts programme here. The curriculum here is valid for study paths Interactive Media and Music Production. The curriculum for study path Fine Art will be based on the same structure and will be ready to publish during spring 2014.

The first year provides a broad perspective on basic production skills and content in the selected specialisation. The following three years consists of studies on chosen expertise field, working with customers, studies abroad, practical training, the bachelor’s thesis and free choice studies.

The fields of expertise include Web design and services, Game design, Visual design and Motion graphics, Production and content design, Music production and business, Sound design, Live Event production, Fine Art based production, Site related and Communal Art production, Photography, Moving Image, Entrepreneurship and Cultural export.

Studying in the Media and Arts programme is typically hands-on, project-based, international and often conducted in co-operation with partner companies.

By the end of 2014 the campus will move to Mediapolis, close to key companies in the field. 

 Study Paths:

  • Interactive Media
  • Music Production
  • Fine Art

This tag cloud illustrates the hobbies and interests, areas of expertise and dream jobs of the Media Programme students who started in August 2012. (Picture generated by

This tag cloud illustrates the hobbies and interests, areas of expertise and dream jobs of the Media Programme students who started in August 2012. (Picture generated by

Employment opportunities 

Graduates of the Media and Arts programme have found work as Animators, Art Directors, Concept Designers, Game Artists, Graphic Designers, Project Managers, Producers, UI Designers, Web Designers, Web Programmers, Music Producers, Sound Designers, Song Writers, Performing Artists, Live Sound and Light Engineers, Event Producers, Fine Art Artists in contemporary art field, Production Managers in art events, Fine Art Producers and curators, Art Directors in Social and Communal Projects, Gallery Directors and Art Photographers.

More information

For information regarding the application process: admissions(at)

For information regarding programme contents:
Mr Timo Kivikangas, Head of Degree Programme

Study Secretary: Ms Päivi Sohlman
Study Counsellor: Ms Kirsi-Marja Uimonen

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