Tamk uses urkund plagiarism prevention program and all thesis will go through the program analysis. Urkund program assists in finding plagiarism from different kinds of written documents. It no login or software installation.

If you are a member of TAMK staff and want to use Urkund, please send an e-mail to kirjasto@tamk.fi. After that Urkund will send you a confirmation e-mail of user registration.

How to use Urkund:

1. Students send their documents with e-mail to their teacher.

2. When the documents arrive at Urkund they are analysed against content of three source areas:
- the internet
- published material
- student material in Urkund database.
When the analysis is finished the original documents of students and generated reports will be sent forward to the teacher's e-mail.

3. The results of the analysis and the student documents are forwarded to the teacher's e-mail address. Report shows which parts of the documents are citations and from where the citations are taken. Teacher evaluates if report shows any plagiarism.

Urkund through Tabula

Student submit assigment as a regular file to tabula. More info from Floworks via email helpdesk@tamk.fi and  http://youtu.be/4SCmZ_7CZg8

If You need more information or you're having problems:
- kirjasto@tamk.fi
- Urkund contact info 

Should you have forgotten your Urkund username or password, do the following:
1. Log in at Urkund web page
2. Choose "Click here to access you personal web inbox for Urkund mail"
3. Choose "Have you forgotten your password?" - link
4. Write your TAMK e-mail address in the given box
5. Click Reset Password button
6. Urkund will send the missing information to your TAMK e-mail