You can contact the library in any matters concerning thesis submission by e-mail or by visiting at the library service counter. TAMK's instructions for submitting your thesis can be found in Study Guide.

IT-helpdesk guides in matters concerning computer related problems

Please note that you will not obtain your degree certificate before you have submitted the thesis to the library. The library will make an entry in the student register after having obtained the thesis.

There are two alternatives. The student can choose to
1. submit the electronic version of one's thesis to Theseus Open repository
2. bring the printed version to the library.

1. Submitting an electronic thesis

Students are mainly expected to submit their thesis to the library in electronic form. The thesis is submitted in the Theseus Open Repository in pdf format by the student himself/herself. If there are several authors to the thesis, one of them can take care of the actual submission, but all names must be mentioned in the author fields.

This has to happen while your TAMK passwords are still valid. You can ask for temporary reactivation of your passwords from Helpdesk

The thesis will be published in Theseus after a short processing time.

You can convert your thesis into a PDF file by saving it into PDF format in Word. The PDF file should be named like this: Last name_First name.pdf. If there are several authors, the file is named Last name_First name_Last name_First name.pdf. No Scandinavian letters or diacritical marks can be used the file name. If you want, you can protect the PDF file against copying and editing. Adobe Acrobat software required to secure your PDF file can be found at the library second floor computers. A guide to protecting the file is available here (in Finnish only).

If you have problems with attaching enclosures to the thesis in PDF file, you can attach them separately when saving the thesis in Theseus. If enclosures cannot be converted into a PDF file, you can submit them to the library either in print or in electronic form. The recommended maximum size of a PDF file is 150 MB.

Submitting a thesis to the library (in print pdf)

Instructions for submitting thesis to Theseus in video-format (in Finnish)


2. Submitting a printed thesis

Thesis in covers

If you do not wish to submit your thesis in electronic form, you can submit a printed version to the library. The covers should be hard and dark grey with the word "Thesis" printed in silver and with the official logo of Tampere University of Applied Sciences. These covers can be purchased for about 10 euros in the bookstore at Kuntokatu 3 or at the CampusRavita cafĂ© when the bookstore is closed. The bookbinding machine can be found just outside the Kuntokatu Library.

The text is printed on one side of the paper only. When using the TAMK printers the default option for double-sided printing has to be removed. Instructions for this can be found in intra at IT Help - Printing.


Note that you also have to fill in an agreement . Without the agreement the library cannot attach the thesis to the library collections.

Archive copy

TAMK is responsible for archiving all theses according to law. A student must submit an electronic archive copy of his/her thesis if the thesis is in printed format. Archive copy in pdf format is submitted by using Funet FileSender. Instructions and link to Funet is in intra: Please send the file to Please, don't change the expiry date. Archive copy must be submitted before the student can graduate.

If the thesis has been submitted into Theseus, then there is no need to submit any separate archive copy.

Special case

Fine Art Theses

Students who have prepared paintings, photographs, videos, installations or other works of art as their thesis should submit a written part (max 150 MB in PDF format) of their thesis which contains documentation of the artistic part. Copy of the artistic part of the thesis is submitted in electronic format if possible. Written part of the thesis is submitted electronically in Theseus Open Repository or is delivered to the library in printed format. Check the instructions on submitting above.