Support Sertificate

Print disabled students are given with a valid support sertificate a longer loan period. In order to have longer loan periods you have to present the library staff your right for the special support.

Celia library

Celia is a Finnish state-owned special library which produces and provides literature in accessible formats. The books are meant for people who are unable to read standard printed books, due to illness or disability – including visually impaired persons, persons suffering from dyslexia and learning disabilities, developmental disabilities and muscular diseases, etc.

Celia produces and lends works of fiction and non-fiction in the form of talking books, Braille and/or e-books to users, free of charge. In addition to fiction and non-fiction, Celia also produces and sells or lends textbooks in accessible formats to a range of educational establishments.

If you are a print-disabled person you can become Celia's user. Please contact Celia contact at TAMK by e-mail