Right of Use

The library services are for the staff, students and partners of TAMK, but most services are available to the public.

The basic services of the library are free of charge, but there are fee-based services, too. Please check the list of fees.

A customer may be denied the right to use the library if they fail to follow the library rules and loan periods, or if their fine amount exceeds the price list limit.

Customer Data

To register as a library customer the library staff need to check your photo ID and get your contact information. As a registered customer you are under contract to obey the library rules and loan periods. The library should be notified of a change of name or contact information. A customer under 15 years of age needs the approvment of a guardian, which is saved to library database.

The library has the right to include social security numbers in its Register of Borrowers (Personal Data Act 523/1999, 13 ยง). The library's loan register is used for loan management purposes only. Personal data details are never given to any outsider. According to the Personal Register Law the customer has the right to check the data about him/herself which is included in the information concerning library borrowers. The Register Details of the Register of Borrowers is available in the library.

Library Card

To borrow books and other items, you need a library card. You can get the card in the library when registering as a customer. Any student card or library card with a bar code can be activated as a library card. The card is personal, and the owner is responsible for any items borrowed with it. If you lose your library card, you should inform the library about it as soon as possible to prevent any misuse.


If you return the borrowed items after the due date, you will be charged for the overdue period according to the list of fees. The overdue fine will be charged for failed renewals even due to an operation failure of the electronic library or other technical problems. Lost or damaged library items have to be replaced by similar items or refunded by the sum the library has set. If an invoice is sent, a processing fee of 20 euros will be added to the total sum of the invoice.