You can return your loans at the library customer service desk or you can drop them into the return boxes. At Main Campus and Mediapolis libraries there is also a self-check machine for returning.

Please make sure that you know the due dates of your loans, and return or renew your loans in time. The library will send you an e-mail note three days before the due date.

After the due date, overdue notices will be sent as follows:

  • 1st notice on the first weekday after the due date
  • 2nd notice in a week's time after the due date
  • 3rd notice in two weeks' time after the due date
  • Warning of invoice in three weeks' time after the due date
  • An invoice for the unreturned item(s) in about three months after the due date.

Outside the opening hours you can leave the books in the return box by the library door. The box is usually emptied and the books are returned on the next working day. The borrowed items may also be returned by post. Please notice that the customer is responsible for the items until they arrive in the library.

The loan fees will be collected from the first day after the due date, and the closing days of the library will be included in the fee.