You can make a reservation via TAMK Finna search interface. It is also possible to place a reservation at the customer service counter, by phone, by e-mail or by chat.

You can not reserve books that are available in the shelf. If you want to reserve a book in TAMK library from other campus libraries, please contact the staff. Book transports between the Main campus, Mediapolis, and Music Academy is free and transports are run two times a week.

If you do not need the item you have reserved, and it has not arrived at the library (you have not got any notice on the book), you can cancel the reservation in the database yourself. If the book is already available for pick-up, you have to ask the library staff to cancel the reservation for you. If you cancel the reservation on your own in Finna after the book has arrived at the library, there will be a fee of 1 € for each uncollected material.

The library notifies the customer about the arrival of the reserved material via e-mail. The email states you the date by which you should come and pick up your book. Usually the customer is given one week, but the time may be longer if a holiday or exceptional opening hours occur during the time.

At Main Campus unit customers can pick up their reservations from a self-check open shelf. An alternative practice is available for those who don't want their reservations to be publicly seen.