You can renew your loans in many ways: online on TAMK Finna search interface, at the library service desk, by phone, via e-mail or at the library chat service.

You have to return or renew your loan not later than the due date. However, you cannot renew the loan if somebody else has made a request for the same material or if your right to use the library has been denied or you have used your maximum of renewals. Also note that reference library loans and short loans cannot be renewed.

You can log in to your own customer and loan data from the library front page or on TAMK Finna by using one of the following ways:

  1. TAMK students and staff: network username & password
  2. Other customers: Your library card number and PIN code or last name

Logging in with TAMK network id

When using the TAMK Network ID the customer logs in to the library service through the Haka identification system shared by several higher education institutes. The Haka service is based on Shibboleth technology and is maintained by the CSC — IT Center for Science Ltd in Espoo. Personal data is transferred between several different systems and organizations. When the customer is logging in to the system, he/she is always asked for permission to transfer the data.

When you log in to the network ID based service, you need to do it only once. If you have entered TAMK Intra, for example, you can go to your customer data without logging in for a second time. Otherwise the network ID is typed in the login window of the TAMK Intranet.

If problems arise, you can always renew your book loan by using your library card number, PIN code and last name or by contacting the library.