The library of Tampere University of Applied Sciences is an open library for everyone. The primary goal is to serve TAMK students and staff and the partners of TAMK, but mostly the services are available for other customers as well.

You can check the availability of a book or other item in TAMK Finna search interface. You can also see its place (the individual library unit and the shelf). If the item is on loan, you can reserve it.

You can check out the item at the customer service counter or at the self-service.

Loan periods

  • books from the collection: 28 days
  • recordings: 28 days
  • course books: 14 days
  • theses: 28 days (all units do not loan)
  • sheet music: 60 days (not for loan outside TAMK customers) 
  • DVDs: library units have individual loan periods of 3, 7, 14 or 28 days
  • journals: 1-7 days depending on the library unit (newspapers are not lent out)
  • IT devices (only at Main Campus): 1 day  (7 days for the staff)
  • short loans (Main Campus): 1 day, return the next day before 10 am, no renewals
  • reference library items (other units than Main Campus): overnight or for a weekend
Borrowing is free, but overdue loans carry a fee.

The library sends the customer an e-mail reminder 3 days before the due date, and overdue notices after the due date. The library is not responsible for failure to send the messages in the event of technical problems.

The customer is responsible for borrowed items and their return or renewal by the due date. The overdue fine is collected even if the renewal has failed due to an operation failure or other technical problem.

The right to use the library loan service is denied in all the TAMK libraries, if
  • the customer owes the library more than 20 euros in overdue fines
  • the customer has lost or damaged library property
The right to use the loan serveces is restored when the customer returns or renews the loans and pays the overdue fines or compensates for the lost or damaged property.