Warm Welcome to TAMK! - Knit wool socks for the winter!

Warm Welcome to TAMK! - Knit wool socks for the winter!

TAMK library has organized lfor some years now, a wool accessories & socks challenge, which encouraged all avid weavers to weave socks, mittens and scarves for TAMK International students to wear in the winter frosts.

We will continue the challenge also year 2016! All small warm knitted woolsocks, mittens, hats and scarves are welcome!
Take part in a warm challenge which does not give any performance points ormarks, but the knitter will recive a warm feeling in her / his heart. 

Bring your woolen surprises to the library desk by the end of November!
We organize in the winter a small photo cavalcade of the results and new owners of the woolen knits. We will give out some pocketbooks for those participants who leave their name and email adress for the library. 

If you crave inspiration and dimension tables for socks and mittens, you can easily find them eg Novita site: 

Some photos of the last winter's results:

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