The library thanks all the participants in the knitted wool challenge!

The library thanks all the participants in the knitted wool challenge!

It started as an idea two years ago on a TAMK Wire class. Arising from the great idea to weave TAMK international students warm wool socks, hats, mittens and a scarfs. 

TAMK Library organized a knitting challenge in which dozens of eager crafts enthusiasts took part in. Both TAMK students and staff had many eager knitters who wanted to make woolen accessories for the International students. 

The challenge was to weave around the spring and autumn 2016 warm wool clothes for the fall winds and winter frosts. All small accessories like woolen socks, mittens, hats and scarves were welcome. The challenge did nor promise any credit points or grades, but all the participants were promised to have good spirits and all crafts would find a new user with a need for warm wool clothes.

All together 85 knitted accessories were made for the campaign! All knitted crafts were handed over to new owners with TAMK social worker Mirja Onduso who organized a quick draw where the international students were given the opportunity to choose the right pairs for their toes and hands. The charity campaign outputs are passed along free of charge..

Some extra photos can be seen on the TAMK library Facebook pages. Check out the pictures and join the TAMK library FB pages likers!

Photos: Marjatta Ojala