Customers Influence the Development of Tampere3 Library

Customers Influence the Development of Tampere3 Library

The first customer survey for Tampere3 libraries was organized in March. We received a total of 1080 responses. The largest group of responders by far were the students, who generally are the most active in giving feedback. To all respondents warm thanks for the important feedback!

The aim of the survey was to collect information about the functionality of libraries' current services. We also wanted to give the customers an opportunity to share ideas about the new service package of the coming joint Tampere3 library. The survey results and the ideas for development received through the open answers will be used in the development projects of the new library.

We have carefully read though the feedback and picked the most important development ideas for the projects' agenda. The most feedback was received about libraries' premises, e-resources and online services.

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