On the Kuntokatu campus you can find various sports facilities including gyms, a sports hall, table-tennis and sauna/shower facilities. Ball games include volleyball, basketball, floor ball (sähly), tennis and badminton. 

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Sports Facilities in Tampere

The Kauppi Sports Park offers a large park and forest area with soccer fields, archery and rifle ranges, a bowling alley, tennis courts, jogging trails which have lighting after dark, and which are converted to cross-country skiing tracks during the winter.

Tampere has several indoor swimming pools as well. Students are entitled to special discounts in the public indoor swimming pools. 

Other major outdoor sport centres include Tampere Stadium, Tammela Football Stadium, Pyynikki Athletics Field and Kaukajärvi Rowing and Canoeing Centre.

Major indoor sport centres include e.g.:
Pirkkahalli - An athletics and football centre which also functions as a venue for fairs and meetings.
Nääshalli - Boxing, weight lifting, fencing, judo, table tennis, gymnastics.
Kaukajärvi Leisure Centre (Kaukajärven vapaa-aikatalo) - Indoor ball games, basketball, volleyball, gymnastics.
Hervanta Leisure Centre (Hervannan vapaa-aikakeskus) - Indoor ball games, billiards, table tennis, ballet, gymnastics.

For more information on sports activities in Tampere, please see the City of Tampere website.

Sports Facilities in Mänttä-Vilppula

Sports activities are available e.g. at the swimming hall, ice stadium, bowling alley, shooting range, riding stables and tennis court. Mäntänvuori Nature Reserve and beaches and boating on Keurusselkä Lake offer a wide choice of activities close to nature. Mäntänvuori Nature Reserve near the town centre is suitable for outdoor recreation both in summer and in winter.

Sports Facilities in Ikaalinen

There are many hiking/jogging trails in Ikaalinen, and  tennis and golf facilities are also available. There are many recreational and sporting possibilities at Ikaalinen Spa, including squash, tennis, gym, golf and skiing. Ikaalinen has many ice hockey and skating rinks. Tampere University of Applied Sciences in Ikaalinen has a gym as well. There are also camping areas and beaches in Ikaalinen.

Sports Facilities in Virrat

Virrat has an indoor skating rink, sports centre and an exercise hall for gym and squash. The Pukkivuori ski centre is located in Virrat. There are also many hiking and camping possibilities and a beaches. Virrat also has an inland waterway harbour.

Updated 10/07/2014